Gift Boxes
Available for Shipment, Local Delivery, & Local Pick Up
Pack Sizes
6 cookies per pack
Oatmeal (Flakemeal):
6 cookies per pack
Caramel Shortbread:
3 bars per pack
Strawberry Shortbread:
3 cookies per pack
Irish Bakery
Available for Local Pick-up and Local Drop-off service Only

Selection of breads also available including wheaten bread, soda bread, ginger bread, ginger bread with Guinness, Irish cupcakes, plain and fruit scones.  Please contact us directly to order these items as a special order.  Local pick-up/drop-off only for these items.

Fruit Scones

Irish Soda Bread

Irish Cupcakes


Traditional Irish Wheaten Bread

Irish Gingerbread

Customised Orders

If you have any special requests, large orders or would like to contact us about anything else, please get in touch here.  We're happy to help!

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