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GreenIsland Bakery was founded in 2020 by owner Caroline Johnston when she realized how much she missed authentic Irish and European pastries, bakery goods, and breads. Luckily for us, the Johnston family has many closely-guarded family recipes handed down through generations! GreenIsland Bakery uses these recipes, and believe us, they're a secret for a reason!


As an international citizen and entrepreneur, Caroline founded GreenIsland Bakery with her roots and experience in mind. A native of Greenisland, Northern Ireland, Caroline spent years living all over Europe. From Ireland to France to Scotland to Spain, GreenIsland Bakery is inspired by all things Irish & European! Now living and operating in the United States, Caroline has brought her lived experiences here to Washington, DC.

Our Products

Our products are made with luxury, internationally-sourced ingredients to ensure maximum authenticity. As connoisseurs of Irish and European baked goods, GreenIsland Bakery management and staff know the importance of high value and, above all, tasty ingredients. You may even be reminded of your  recipe that you thought could never be replicated! As memories and nostalgia pour in, let us take care of the baking and you take care of the eating! Just like hom

Support for Women recovering from Traumatic Experiences


We are a social enterprise who offer the finest Irish & European baked goods using natural, ethical ingredients while, empowering trauma survivors by treating our kitchen as a place of healing & nourishment for the soul.


We provide workforce training and personal development coaching for women who have been marginalized in society. We also aim to create  employment opportunities to empower women. Our ultimate goal is to increase employment and local food production in the area to help victimized and marginalized women reach their full potential.


Bakery Class

As noted by several studies, baking is a form of therapy for individuals. It helps calm down both our minds and bodies. GreenIsland Bakery is committed to the well-being of one another and as a result hosts baking classes focused specifically on Irish culture. 


Our baking classes are meant to serve as a form of relaxation and emersion in Irish culture. Our goal is to share our traditions and heritage with you while also giving you some time to simply enjoy the multiple benefits that come with baking. 


Join one of our Irish baking classes and enjoy all that baking has to offer!

Read more about this here.  Please contact us for more information on our classes.

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