Our Social Impact

At GreenIsland Bakery, we offer the finest Irish & European baked goods using natural, 

ethical ingredients while, empowering trauma survivors by treating our kitchen as a place of healing & nourishment for the soul.



Support for Women recovering from Traumatic Experiences

Support for Women recovering from Traumatic Experiences

We are a social enterprise who partners with other organizations to provide workforce training, personal development coaching, and employment opportunities for women recovering from traumatic experiences.

We provide workforce training and personal development coaching for women who have been marginalized in society. We also aim to create  employment opportunities to empower women. Our ultimate goal is to increase employment and local food production in the area to help victimized and marginalized women reach their full potential.



Community Support

GreenIsland Bakery collaborates with Bread Coin and other non-profit organizations to give back to the community.

Local Food Production

Our commitment extends to boosting local food production, fostering sustainable communities, and advocating for marginalized individuals to reach their full potential.



Discover the organizations we partner with to create a meaningful impact and learn about our collaborative projects.

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