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What People Are Saying

"The cupcakes were so soft and moist. Everything was really perfect: the texture, flavor, icing too."

"[The cupcakes] were amazing! I couldn't believe my tastebuds. I honestly cannot remember a better cupcake! Thank you."

- S. Matthews

"I am absolutely in love with this bakery. The shortbread is incredible, and beats any other shortbread I've had before. It's become the favorite of my very Scottish and shortbread-obsessed Grandma, as well as my bakery-obsessed Midwestern family (and both have VERY high standards). The only thing better than their shortbread is the people who run the bakery. Their service is full of kindness, and it's impossible to leave without a smile! So excited to see them continue to grow!"

-E. Krippner

"I am so excited I found this bakery! My first experience was sending an Irish loving friend and assortment of bread, scones and shortbread for their birthday. They were so impressed with the gift and couldn't stop talking about how fabulous everything tasted. So I decided to treat myself. Now I know why she was so enthusiastic about all the treats. I wish I could say what my favorite is but it's hard to choose. I love the breads in the morning and the shortbread later in the day."

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