Our Team

Caroline Johnston


Caroline Sarah Johnston is an International Business Executive with over 14 years of successful managerial, marketing and sales experience in the Biotech, Aerospace and Renewable Energy sectors in Europe and the Americas.

Caroline completed her MBA in Spanish at EUDE in Spain. She also obtained a BA in Management from ESC Business School in France and an MA in International Business and Languages from Heriot Watt University, Scotland. Caroline is a certified coach has been successfully coaching individuals and groups since 2016, through the integration of her psychology, neuroscience and mindset coaching skills.

In 2019, she established Caroline Sarah Ventures LLC (CSV), a Washington D.C.-based, woman-owned company which provides business development consulting and coaching services that focus on developing customized pathways to success. CSV is a woman-owned social enterprise that provides specialized support and advice to empower women in challenging circumstances in their personal and professional lives. Caroline has lead coaching workshops for Women’s groups at the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank and Chambers of Commerce.

As a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker she provides self-motivation, confidence building, goal setting, teamwork and leadership development, focusing on ways to set one’s path to success. She is certified in body language training and by the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute (CaPP) & Cognitive Behavior Certified and as a consultant in the DISC - Personality Assessment & Taylor Protocols Behavioral Analysis and Core Value Index.

Caroline’s international acumen is critical to her success in global education, international business and strategic communications. Having worked as a mentor and coach in various nonprofits including a collaboration with the UN, she understands the dynamics of contemporary life and work in a diverse, multicultural, inter-connected world.   She is multilingual (fluent in English, French and Spanish; and conversational in Portuguese and Italian).


Serena Nangia


Serena Nangia is a content creator, program manager, and activist based in Washington, DC. Serena graduated from American University in 2019 with a BA in International Studies, having focused on Peace and Latin American studies.


As a content creator and social media manager, Serena has developed and promoted the social media presences of five separate organizational brands from 2018-2020. As a program manager, Serena has successfully planned and executed over a dozen events virtually and in Washington, DC. As an activist, Serena has over seven years experience as a speaker and community leader in the body image and eating disorder fields.


In January 2017, Serena founded REbeL at American University (a peer-education organization that addresses disordered eating and body image issues) and has acted as the Alumni Advisor for the club for the past two years. In 2020, Serena presented multiple times on the issues of Fatphobia, Body Activism, and inclusivity regarding eating disorder representation. Serena constantly collaborates with organizations, clinicians, and activists across the country to achieve her life’s mission: 1) to help those with eating disorders and body image issues heal by providing safe spaces for community dialogue and 2) to raise awareness about the complex, and often deadly, consequences of eating disorders and body image issues.